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Manager Andrew Blacker Grew Up With Carson’s And Is Bringing Local Back

By Juli Mancini, Patch Poster | Jun 8, 2011 11:31 am ET | Updated Jun 11, 2011 1:15 pm ET

Ask anyone about favorite Noank Village attractions and Carson’s has been front and center for over 100 years. There are a handful of unique family businesses to keep locals in their cozy historic hamlet, and this 15-seat vintage hashery and ice cream shop is one of them.

Originally opened in 1907 by Jane Carson and her husband, Carson’s was a detached winter kitchen for a house, which became a general store selling penny candy, Chinese finger traps, cap guns, and a mish mash of odds and ends.

Landscaper Dave Blacker was passionate about the turquoise, cream, and chromed enclave and purchased the business in the late 1970’s when it became available. Although Blacker raises bees and enjoys cheese making, he prefers to cultivate his landscaping and plowing business while hiring out management to oversee Carson’s.

Son and current manager Andrew Blacker recalls the condition of the building in the 70’s: “The building was not sitting on a foundation. It was a little shop that needed a lot of work. We sold only sandwiches, newspaper and penny candy and in 2000 added a kitchen.”

Blacker, 2008 Fitch graduate, grew up within a few houses of Carson’s and as a child always looked forward to Fridays – reserved for a long-awaited sweet of his choice. The genuine, salt-of-the-earth and smiley Blacker began working in Carson’s at age 12.

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